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If you ever had the notion that models, celebrities, anyone you see in a magazine or ad are more beautiful, built, curvaceous, dreamy, or just better than you, take a gander at these genius videos from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. There is a male and female version. 

Even though we know now just how photoshopped these models and celebrities are, it still doesn’t stop us from hoping and wishing that the products they endorse will make us like them. That’s why advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry; they play on our psychological weaknesses. Make people feel less than, and they will buy our product to try to feel better! Even CNN thinks so.

Photoshopping does more than just enhance (or in most cases, literally change) a person’s natural looks; they can seriously alter your perception of yourself and beauty. When you feel negatively about yourself, that absolutely impacts how you interact with others, the type of treatment you feel you deserve from others, and how you build or destroy relationships with those around you. When we don’t like ourselves or are insecure, we are unable to make meaningful attachments with others, which negatively impacts our ability to have healthy sex. So ignore the hype. People in magazines have cellulite, love handles, normal bumpy nipples, and regular ole cheekbones, just like you and I.

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